Sun. 12th Mar. 2023 About

No, we’re not dead! Updated Spacemap from the edge of a distant galaxy

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Hello KOJI family, your favourite crypto team here back with some long due updates! For the TDLR'ers: Still Comic: DONE! (But we're making some changes!) Animated Comic: DONE! (But we're making some changes!) Staking contract + DApp section: DONE! NFT contract + dApp minting section:...
Sat. 1st May. 2021 About

Deepdive in our Tokenomicspresented by our Head Tech Dev “Nodezy”

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Please note that this post refers to our "old ETH" tokenomics, although the core essentials are the same functions and the tax and how it's used and distribution differs slightly in the new BSC contract. Please check our dApp, the KOJI Dashboard for current and up-to-date token stats. When we...
Sat. 24th Apr. 2021 About

When Airdrop? About the KOJI Airdrop to TOSA holders

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When we started the project, we knew we had some work to do. Most of our dev team met each other in the Tosa telegram channel trying to revive this (TOSA!) dead token. How would we bring this broken community along with us on our journey? Could our first act of charity be to the ones...
Tue. 30th Mar. 2021 About

The Strange History of TOSA & the early days of KOJI

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So there I was one night, hanging out in EllioTrades looking for my next 10x gem. I had been scrolling back to see if I missed anything usually once I saw the same coin shilled twice, I knew I was all caught up. Hidden in that labyrinth of bagholders, moonbois, shillers and scammers, was a link...