Crypto needs a hero! Meet Koji, an Alien fighting for earth in the first ever complete comic series released as NFTs exclusively to KOJI holders
KOJI is the token of the people. A decentralized digital system created to help earth's population in times of crisis with worldwide donations.
Crypto needs a hero! Meet Koji, an Alien fighting for earth in the first ever complete comic series released as NFTs exclusively to KOJI holders
KOJI officially launched on the 1st of June with our public sale and sold out 400 billion KOJI, (133 ETH worth at sale price) in less than 30 seconds! Since then we’ve been hard at work and currently gearing up for our re-release on a new network with new smart-contract and passive income tokenomics, and our first official Koji NFT poster “First Contact” already released. Coming later this year will be a professional illustrated complete comic series exclusively available to KOJI holders.

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Tue. 28th Sep. 2021 Project updates

Looking back at our launch & the road ahead

It’s been over 3 months since we launched the concept of KOJI on the Ethereum chain: a charity DeFi Token tied to a professionally written and illustrated comic book, collectible in NFT form. Our team, made up from a core group rugged from another project, wanted to create something of value...
Mon. 13th Sep. 2021 NFTs

Revealing Koji & our first ever NFT drop: “First Contact”

We're proud to introduce the first official KOJI NFT, a poster with character reveal! We have been hard at work to make sure all the details meet our very high standards and specifications! How do we claim the NFT? The process to claim is quite simple, go to and...
Mon. 23rd Aug. 2021 Charity & Donations

KOJI is Donating to Hope for Haiti helping the recent earthquake victims

We are really happy to bring you our 3nd charity donation to Hope for Haiti As you may have seen, Haiti was unfortunately hit by a 7.2 magnitude earthquake on the 14th August We are humbled and excited to announce that our 3rd Charity Donation will be to "Hope for Haiti", who is currently...
Fri. 23rd Jul. 2021 Project updates

A 3rd audit of KOJIs smart contract have been done by Soken

Smart contract blockchain security firm Soken are the 3rd company that have audited our contract. We were audited by Soken and the audit results can be found here: Thanks, The KOJI...
Tue. 13th Jul. 2021 Partnerships

KOJI enters marketing partnership with NinjaPromo

We like to announce our next Marketing Partnership with NinjaPromo! NinjaPromo has an experienced team who will support us with a Social Media Marketing campaign with a special focus on Twitter promotions! NinjaPromo also has experience in marketing and promoting Crypto related projects too....
Mon. 12th Jul. 2021 Partnerships

KOJI is working with Platinum Crypto Academy

We are pleased to give you more details about our partnership with Platinum Crypto Academy & Cryptonaire Weekly Magazine. Platinum has been providing trading education for over 5 years & has a collective experience of over 40 years in the Financial Markets. The Platinum Team, provide 1st-class...
Mon. 5th Jul. 2021 Listing Announcements

CMC Listing is live! You can now find KOJI on CoinMarketCap

Great news everyone! KOJI is now officially listed in CoinMarketCap (CMC)! Don't forget to go to and place KOJI on your watchlist by clicking on the star. Thanks, The KOJI...
Wed. 30th Jun. 2021 Charity & Donations

KOJI is Donating to The Children’s Heart Unit Fund

We are really excited to bring you our 2nd charity donation to The Children's Heart Unit Fund They are a UK based charity who do an amazing job to support children who suffer from various heart diseases & their families! Charity: CHUF - The Children's Heart Unit Fund Website:...
Wed. 23rd Jun. 2021 Listing Announcements

Listing Announcement: KOJI is now listed on WhiteBIT

We are really excited to announce our latest exchange listing! You can now buy KOJI at Whitebit with USDT! Read more about...
Fri. 11th Jun. 2021 Charity & Donations

KOJIs 1st Charity Donation! to Wildlife Tomorrow Fund

We are pleased to inform you that we have formally completed our first donation of 6ETH/$15,378 USD to Wildlife Tomorrow Fund Charity: Wild Tomorrow Fund Website: Donated amount: 6ETH / $15,663 Donation receipt:...
Thu. 10th Jun. 2021 Project updates

KOJI 2nd independent smart contract audit by SOLIDProof

We're please to announce that we have passed our 2nd independent smart contract audit! We were audited by SOLIDProof and the audit results can be found here: Thanks, The KOJI...
Thu. 3rd Jun. 2021 Listing Announcements

Listing Announcement: KOJI is now listed on Tokpie

3 days since launch and we're listed on our third exchange! Tokpie have now listed KOJI and is trading in KOJI/USDT pair. Read more about...

So what is this, & $KOJI Token? is an ERC-20 project on the Ethereum network. A community driven token, created to help those in need via mutual aid and donations from 1% of each transaction, brought to earth by Koji, an alien with the core mission of helping the earth in times of crisis by cooperating with charitable organizations.

In simple terms, KOJI is a hybrid digital token: a DeFi Charity following a deflationary model with redistribution features and regular NFT drops. We aim to cement our position as the leading mutual-aid token by helping the world while offer best possible setting for a great ROI. Deflationary and rewarding by design with 0.5% KOJI burned + 1% redistribution back to all holders from each transaction made including regular NFT drops.

KOJI is a community driven token so make sure you join the Telegram group   kojiearth to help steer our direction and make sure to get onboard early. Our website is still under construction, the telegram channels will have the most up-to-date news and announcements.

The first ever and one of a kind, complete NFT comics series released exclusively in limited numbers to eligible KOJI holders, illustrated by the world-renowned professional comic & graphic novel company AmCo Studios in London.

But who is Koji? & what are the NFT Comics? is a unique project, in the sense of being the first token to develop and release a professional illustrated comic series exclusively as NFTs to its holders. “Koji”, an alien from planet Antilea, is an original story line, depicting the Koji character who crashes on earth and finds himself in the midst of an unseen battle and ending up a hero. We are proud to partner with AmCo Studios a world renowned illustration agency in London which will ensure our NFTs are way ahead and above anything usually seen and offered in the crypto space.

The comic will drop across a number of months which will complete Edition 1. KOJI holders above the thresholds will be eligible to receive this NFT for free. The main comic are planned to be released in late 2021 with smaller preview drops leading up to the start of the full release.

More about the comic and the Kojiverse with a full explanation of the NFT tokenomics and more details about the methodology and requirements can be found at here Koji NFT Comic.

Supply, distribution & TOKENOMICS

Crypto is the anomaly in the system, the Neo in the matrix. It exists as the remainder of the universally corrupt economic equation that all of us face. KOJI allows us to work outside of that system, to give back where needed, to give our community something valuable, and to give everyone a symbol of hope in a darkening world.NodezyLead Developer

What makes $KOJI different from most other crypto projects is that over 80% of the tokens have been distributed via vested airdrop, presale, public sale, or added to liquidity on Uniswap and other exchanges.

The total initial supply of KOJI tokens at launch was 1 Trillion (1,000,000,000,000) and no more will ever be minted as the contract doesn’t allow for it. The audited token contract is live on the Ethereum network and can be viewed here.

Since launch, total supply have decreased due to the current tax models 0.5% burn on all transactions, current total supply can be seen below.

Current Supply
Due to the deflationary design 22,136,612,961 KOJI, about 2.21% of inital supply have been burned so far! Please note above supply is not updated live so exact amount might vary slighly, burn address can be found here.

Want to learn more about supply, distribution and our TAX model? Check out the KOJI Tokenomics.

How about theFuture & Plans for KOJI?

$KOJI’s main goal is to become the leading charity token, but not only that. We aim to provide high quality NFTs with our “subscription” staking. There are plenty of options in the DeFi space for us to explore, but for now we will focus on the follow short term roadmap:

  • Website landing page
  • Whitepaper (pre-launch version)
  • Charities selection and partnership creation
  • Pre-sale offering
  • Deal sign with AmCo Studios to produce Koji Comics for the NFT Drops.
  • Detailed Tokenomics release
  • Additonal Artwork & NFT development
  • Website landing page 2.0
  • Updated Whitepaper
  • Public sale offering
  • Official launch on Uniswap
  • Official launch on Uniswap
  • Various Partnerships
  • At least 1 additional exchange listing
  • Start of initial marketing & advertising
2021Q3 (Jul-Sep)
  • Full website
  • Continued efforts to increase outreach through paid promotions & advertising
  • Additional exchange listings
  • NFT contract development
  • Release of the first AmCo NFT
  • Increase and update the list of charities with most needed ones at that time
2021Q4 (Oct-Dec)
  • Re-launch on new chain
  • New smart contract & tokenomics
  • Staking contract & NFT reward contract
  • Start of full comic release (1 drop/week for 24+ weeks)
  • KOJI dApp investment dashboard
  • Continue full comic weekly NFT drops
  • AmCo starts working on part 2 & 3 of the first Koji Comics
  • Extending the Koji metaverse through side/background stories & characters
  • Online store & official KOJI Merchandise
  • Expand the NFT ecosystem with dynamic collectibles & game elements
Please note that this is a preliminary roadmap to give an overview of our plans and current progress, it’s not final or guaranteed and is subject to change without prior notice.

Whant to know more?DOWNLOADS & Documents

WhitepaperDownload the whitepaper for a more in depth look at the project and the $KOJI Token.
Whitepaper 白皮书
FairpaperDownload our Fairpaper for an overview and roadmap of our short and long term charity strategy.
Contract Audit by smart contract have been audited by, report available to download below or read here.
Solidproof Audit
Contract Audit by smart contract have been audited by, report available to download.
TechRate Audit